Industries We Serve

At Kinfross Inc., we work with clients that are involved in a broad spectrum of technologies. Our patent attorneys have the technical, industrial, and legal experience to provide clients having the most sophisticated and complex of technologies with the legal advice that they need and should require. Below is a list that broadly notes just some of the technology industries that we serve.

Retail and eCommerce

Today, customers can cross-shop the competition without leaving your store, or even entering it. Our integrated retail solutions help brands build more personal multi-channel relationships with their customers. We help companies around the world cultivate loyalty, revitalize sales and maintain the agility to keep up with evolving customer behavior.

We help brands capture the right kind of attention – and keep it.


With social media advertising you can reach new followers, fans or potential customers through highly targeted campaigns. Reach customers on the go through targeted mobile advertising or reach customers at home through high quality news feed advertising. Kinfross Inc. Social Media’s advertising professionals work around the clock to get our clients the most exposure for their dollar. We strive for low cost per click / cost per like / cost per follow for all of our clients no matter what industry or niche.


The financial services industry is facing unprecedented challenges with new regulatory initiatives, technological advancements in payment and credit management and changes in consumer behavior and demographics. These powerful forces are disrupting the market and changing the way financial services firms compete. The leaders of tomorrow will need a new competitive differentiator – the customer experience.

Kinfross Inc. offers integrated customer experience solutions to help firms acquire, grow, retain and serve their customers.

Health Care

Healthcare around the globe is rapidly changing. New technologies and treatments identify and combat diseases faster, yet the complexity of navigating doctors, hospitals, nurses, pharmacists, caregivers and insurers often makes the customer experience a negative one. We work with healthcare leaders to improve both health and financial outcomes by focusing on the quality of the customer experience. Our integrated approach combines strategy, analytics, technology, process and operations and enables clients to care for more people, with better results, at a lower cost. Our practices serve Payers, Providers and Life Sciences leaders.

Travel And Hospitality

It doesn’t matter if it’s business or pleasure – a positive or negative travel experience is going to be known by a lot more people than just the traveler. How can the industry use the empowered consumer voice to its own advantage? The answer is simple: take the industry’s legendary focus on the customer experience and apply it within a modern context. We help clients personalize their approach to guest management wherever and whenever they travel.

True customer loyalty goes a lot deeper than a rewards program:

  • We offer a suite of marketing analytic’s, digital marketing and multi-channel sales solutions that optimize lead generation efforts and convert more interactions into bookings.
  • Our Technology solutions help clients consolidate data storage and create a meaningful repository of customer information that can be used to track behaviors and preferences, customize offers and personalize messaging.
  • Our Care solutions range from a technology and process modernization of a client’s existing infrastructure to a complete turnkey solution staffed with our own trained associates.

Communications, Media and Technology

In an industry that facilitates interactions across every channel, every moment and in every geography, keeping up with customer expectations can be a challenge. Businesses in the communications, technology and media industries serve huge customer bases, need to support a complex, ever-changing array of products and deliver communication services that require immediate attention when they are down. How do you provide personalized, 24/7 support for over 110 million customers with extremely high expectations?

We’ve built a set of customer experience solutions that simplify complexity, drive engagement and reduce costs. Our solutions are based on insight from analytic’s that determine the “why” behind “what” customers are calling about. We use root cause analysis to design and deliver the most efficient channel experience across every environment. The result – a friction less customer experience that builds loyalty and profitability.

Our solutions help companies that serve large, complex customer bases manage a complicated array of ever-changing products and services and deliver flawless interactions across every channel.